Men's Fashion Trends That Should Die Forever

Men's Fashion Trends That Should Die Forever

Have you ever looked around and saw a guy wearing something that is just not acceptable in modern society? Of course you have. And as a service to Bro Council readers (and for the sake of their wives and girlfriends), we present to you the list of the top 8 men's fashion trends that should die forever.

1. Tuxedo T-shirts: Demetri Martin's old joke about them: "Formal, but here to party" is funny exactly once. The joke is old, Talladega Nights is not where you should get your fashion advice from, and we've had enough already.

Tuxedo T-Shirts

2. Man Makeup: Unless you're a professional actor or singer, there is no reason to wear this: Seriously, ever.

Man Makeup

3. Backwards Baseball Caps: Nobody is still a 14-year-old Erik von Detten tearing it up in a straight-laced world that just doesn't "get" skateboarders. If you're old enough to have a job and driver's license, put your hat on like an adult.

Backwards Baseball Caps

4. Cell Phone Clips (Holsters): There is absolutely no reason to clip it to your belt. If you're so married to your iPhone that it must be within six inches of your fingers at all times, then put it in your pocket.

Cell Phone Clips (Holsters)

5. Cowboy Hats: I'll qualify this one with an exception for actual cowboys and some people with a Southern accent. But if you live north of the Mason-Dixon line, in urban metro area or the suburbs, nobody cares how big of a Kenny Chesney fan you are; nobody should be wearing a cowboy hat. There is no such thing as "urban cowboy" and most guys I know are too afraid to ride the bus, let alone a horse.

Cowboy Hats

6 Jorts: In 3/4th of the country, this would be unnecessary, but Bro Council's headquarters are in Pittsburgh, and if there was an award for Perennial Jort Offenders, black and gold fans would take the golden statute every year. Jorts are barely acceptable as Daisy Dukes on girls, but on guys it's a 100% absolutely never. Here's looking at you, John Cena.


7. Nice Suits With Casual Shoes: Sure, it looked super cool back when the cast of Entourage did it. But make your peace, gentlemen, that show is over, and you're not Adrian Grenier (who barely pulled it off.) If you're going to suit up, suit up all the way. Buy a shoeshine kit and watch ladies' heads turn.

Nice Suits With Casual Shoes

8. Man-pris: Capris are pretty '90s style for girls, but 3/4th pants on men usually just look like your clothes shrunk in the wash. Wear shorts, or pants - just please pick one.


Please abide by these rules, and help us move forward.


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