What You Think Impresses A Girl vs. What Actually Does

What You Think Impresses A Girl Vs. What Actually Does

Sometimes I overhear my single guy friends talking about how they’re going to impress a girl. “She was all about my new jeans” is something one might say. Or, “One look at my new convertible, and she’s all mine.”

Yeah, girls think that stuff is cool, but clothes and phones are not “datable” qualities that I hear single girls talk about. This is what’s really up:

  • What you think impresses her: A brand new phone.
  • What actually impresses her: Staying off of it while you’re on a date.

Girls like to feel respected, and nothing says, “I’m bored” more than you checking some game score or texting another girl when your full attention is supposed to be fixed on your date.

  • What you think impresses her: A nice car.
  • What actually impresses her: A clean car.

I have never heard a girl come back from a date impressed with the guy’s car. I have often heard a girl come back from a date complaining about how gross his car is. Nothing is less romantic than the smell of old grease from yesterday’s fast food.

  • What you think impresses her: A fancy restaurant
  • What actually impresses her: How you treat your waitress

It doesn’t matter how much money you’re dropping on dinner if you treat your waitress badly. Many awesome girls have worked as waitresses or bartenders and they are looking at the way you treat that waitress. And yes, that includes a good tip!

  • What you think impresses her: An amazing tv with surround-sound and the latest gaming system.
  • What actually impresses her: Your bookshelf.

A girl who reads is a girl you want to date. (Go here to find out why: Nona Merah) And girls who read are impressed by a bookshelf- any bookshelf! They’ll go through it and look for familiar titles- what you’ve read tells them more about who you are and will definitely start a conversation.

  • What you think impresses her: A fancy date to a play or a symphony
  • What actually impresses her: Fun!

Yeah, girls like to dress up and go out but what’s the first thing on most girls’ wish list? A sense of humor and a sense of fun! Some of my favorite things to do when my husband and I were dating? Going to midnight movie showings, exploring a city after dark and walking in the fountains, a date at the top of an old building, playing board games and card games into the night, and sitting in the toy section of Wal-Mart and making a wish list. Yeah, girls like to be fancy, but they also like to have fun.

Now that you’ve got the inside scoop, best of luck with your dates!

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