To Beard Or Not To Beard: A Series On Facial Hair - Part 3

To Beard or Not to Beard - Part 3

Before I get started, I know that there are loving significant others out there that do not like facial hair. Believe me, I know.

Before you go run off and shave to make them happy. Let me tell you a quick story about a man named Samson. He never cut his hair (including his beard). Samson ruled over the land with his vast power as the strongest man in the world. His beard and hair symbolized his immense strength. Then he met a beautiful woman called Delilah. Yup, you guess it. She was not a supporter of his astounding mannish locks of hair. Out of spite and other reasons, Delilah tricked Samson in cutting his beard and hair off. Then, boom! He lost his manly strength and got captured by his rivaling enemies.

But don’t worry. While imprisoned, Samson’s beard and hair grew back. Regaining most of his strength back, he tore down a temple along with his enemies and himself in it! Moral of the story: “Ditch that Delilah before you ditch that Beard.”

Here are some quality reasons why you can have two “significant others” in your life. Your girl and your facial hair.

1. Your girlfriend loves to snuggle. Be her teddy bear, and Grow a Beard.

2. When you catch women staring at your beard, now you are the one who can say, “Hey, my eyes are up here!” Grow a Beard.

3. Is your girlfriend obsessed with velcro? Yes, that's a weird question, but it leads us into the following pun: make sure she “sticks” with you and not a baby-face version of you. Grow a Beard.

Be A Man - Keep Your Beard

4. Do something your girlfriend can’t do! Grow a Beard. (Well, let’s hope she can’t)

5. If she can, then do something romantic you can do together. Grow a Beard. (Still, let’s hope she can’t)

6. Let your girlfriend know, the Wizard of Oz’s song was originally written “Lions, Tigers, and Beards. OH MY!” Follow the Yellow Brick Road. Grow a Beard.

Fear The Wizard of Oz Beard

7. Stop it! Just stop it! Enough with you using your wife’s razor to shave. Earn the Man Card back that you just lost. Grow a Beard.

8. For goodness-sake! Even Your girlfriend wears a beard beanie. Can you catch a hint?! Grow a Beard.

Beard Beanie Girl

9. To look good, ladies have all sorts of accessories to decorate their faces. Makeup, ear rings, nose rings, lip rings. Here’s the “ringer”. We men just need one accessory to look good. Grow a Beard.

10. Pretty ladies always ask me, “Does a lot of stuff get caught in your beard?” I answer, “Only the beautiful things that matter in life.” Then I have her lightly to touch my beard, and I whisper “It caught you, didn’t it?” Be smooth and catch all the ladies. Grow a Beard.

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Elliott Winston Freeman
Elliott Winston Freeman
Elliot is our resident expert on beards, and is entering his first beard competition soon.

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