Don't Drink And...Wear Shoes?


Most guys are not worried about what kind of footwear to don when they are about to go out on the town and have a few drinks with the guys. However, if you plan to get totally shwasted, you may want to give it some thought.

Flip flops can be a little difficult to keep on your feet at times, but add a generous helping of impairment, and you could be the next drunk dude on YouTube battling his shoes. For example, this strapping young buck goes to Coachella and over-imbibes ever so slightly and can't keep his flip flops on. He tries stepping into them, sitting down and sliding them on, and fails repeatedly. Success at last, but then he stands up and slides right out of them again...and decides to chat it up with some girls that are witnessing the whole debacle. While watching the video, I almost felt sorry for him and wished someone would help him. But his superior drunken problem-solving skills surface and he is on his merry way back to the keg as some by-standers cheer him on.

Watch for yourself, and remember: the next time you plan on drinking and insist on wearing flip flops, you may want to take along some duct tape...

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Marci Schiffhouer
Marci Schiffhouer
Marci is a Licensed Behavior Specialist Consultant, along with a wife, mother of 2, problem solver extraordinaire, and (of course) part-time superhero.