Ladies: Do Not Text Like This After A Date


I once went out with a crazy guy. It took me halfway through our second date to realize he was crazy, and I was totally blind-sided. Midway through my tofu-broccoli Thai food, he went on a moderately racist rant about Jewish people hiding dinosaur bones out west and I faked sick, tossed enough cash on the table to cover my meal and bolted before my fork could hit the plate. Needless to say, I deleted his number and Facebook via my cell phone on the walk back to my apartment and spent the rest of the night doing shots at the local bar for my neighbor’s 65th birthday party. (Really the logical way to end a date like that.)

Unfortunately for this poor soul on Reddit, he didn’t even make it to the second date to realize this girl was crazy. Really crazy. I’m not even sure “**** crazy” covers it (That probably got censored.) After one date she text-stalked him, burst into tears, then actually stalked him and showed up at his house, waited in his driveway and talked to his roommates while he wasn’t home. I would feel a little sorry for her if it wasn’t also really, really funny. He probably should change his number and - since he posted it online - probably change his IP address as well.

[The Most Disastrous Post-Date Texting Conversation in History via]

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