Pine-Sol Is Funny?


I live for pranks, and I love pulling pranks any chance I can get. In college I even made a fake brick in set design class then proceeded to take it home to throw at my dad. Scaring people is always one of the favorites. In fact, just last week I broke into my neighbors house late at night wearing a Scream mask. I think their kid may be permanently scared.

(Editor's Note: We normally would fact-check this article for accuracy and truth, but seeing as how Pat wrote it we think it is a pretty safe bet that the Scream mask actually happened.)

Pine-sol does a less evil version of this. Just wait until you see the guy in the sweater vest and his reaction. Just think buddy, it's now on YouTube so you are going to be forever known for screaming like a little girl. You should have re-thought signing that waiver.

Check out the video below:


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