Bane's Freestyle Rap

Bane's Freestyle Rap

Have you ever wondered what Batman's nemesis Bane would sound like as a rapper? Neither did I, but I'm glad the guys at Auralnauts did. Now we have another Batman video to hold us over until there's an announcement about where the series is going to go next.

The best part of the video? The mic drop. Way to go out in style, Bane.

Check out the video of Bane's freestyle rap and the lyrics below:


I'm Bane, yes, that's my name.
When you hear the name Bane, I guarantee the pain.
I'm coming after you, Bruce Wayne.
I'm stronger, smarter, and clinically insane.

I'm Bane, yes, that's my name.
Bruce Wayne and the Batman are totally the same.
I broke his back mortal comBAT smack,
then I cracked my '28 Krug champagne.

I'm Bane, yes, it's a shame.
I declare martial law, and you all complain!
I laugh when you ask why I wear the mask.
I'll explain. It's because.....

I'm Bane, yes, that's my name.
You say it too much, the name becomes inane.
Of course! Some think my plan lacks gain.
If you say it too my face, I'll crash your plane.

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