Danish Archer Lars Andersen Is A Real Life Legolas

With the new Hobbit movie coming out this Christmas, I bet you're brushing up on your Elvish, growing out your beard, and finding just the right paint colors for your to-scale model of Middle Earth (or is that just me?). But are you learning how to shoot like Legolas? "That's impossible!" you say. "Nobody can shoot that quickly with that much accuracy! Elves are naturally better athletes than humans and they have an indefinite amount of time to perfect their skills!" Although we bow to your (ahem, my) geeky knowledge, we'd like to inform you that the impossible has become possible.

Check out this Danish archer, Lars Andersen. He can shoot three arrows in under one-and-a-half seconds. He can shoot eleven arrows before the first one hits the ground. There's even a comparison between him and Legolas - Legolas shoots six arrows in the time it takes this guy to shoot seven. And they all hit their targets. As for power- he can cut through chain mail with blunt-tipped arrows. No compound bow; this is the real thing. If you can get past the computerized Apple narrator, this video just may rock your world.

Now get going - you've only got about three weeks to learn before the movie comes out!

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