A Memoir I Might Actually Read

steven slater slide jetblueIf you don't remember Steven Slater's name, you probably remember him as the legendary JetBlue flight attendant who freaked out at a passenger in summer 2010, grabbed some beers off the airplane, pulled the emergency chute and slid down in a blaze of glory. As much as everyone would love to quit our jobs (not our Bro Council jobs, though) in a huge YouTube-worthy display, most of us don't. Because turns out, you can get in a whole lot of trouble. This week, Slater was sentenced in Queens, New York. He managed to avoid jail time because he didn't have a prior criminal history and he agreed to a years worth of mental health and alcohol abuse treatment, a year of probation and has to pay JetBlue nearly $10,000 to pay for the emergency chute he destroyed.

The best part? He is now relocating from New York to California to write a memoir.  Aside from how epic his rant was, I'm not exactly sure how that qualifies him to be a memoir-writer, but it could be good. Here's a list of a few other YouTube sensations I'd like to see a memoir from:

1. The Star Wars Kid

2. The Numa Numa Guy

3. Kittens Inspired By Kittens Girl

4. The Honey Badger

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