Hell Hath No Fury, Like A Crazy Dentist Scorned


FYI guys... if you're going to leave your girlfriend make sure you cut all ties with her, especially if she's your lawyer, your doctor, or especially your dentist. Marek Olzewski, a 45 year old Polish bachelor, made the mistake last week of scheduling a dental appointment with his ex-girlfriend, dentist Anna Mackowiak. Earlier, Marek had broken up with Anna for a new woman. So Anna did what any crazy, scorned ex would do:

She ripped all his teeth out with a pair of pliers.

According to the Huffington Post, Olsewski could tell something was wrong when he awoke and couldn't feel anything in his mouth anymore. And, according to HLN News & The Daily Mail, the woman he left Mackowiak for? She dumped him because she didn't want a toothless boyfriend.

Bro Council Rule Of Thumb: Don't schedule a dental appointment with your ex. This rule also applies to pretty much any job or interaction with a woman you scorned. Let her be, or you may wind up with no teeth.

[Source - The Daily Mail: Dentist Pulled out ALL of Boyfriend's Teeth]

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