The Ohio State Marching Band Is Awesome


When college football is in the conversation there's no secret that I have a distaste for all things Ohio State, although they are still better than Michigan in my eyes. (Editor's note: sorry OSU and Michigan fans. Pat dislikes almost everything, don't take offense) I will give Ohio State this though; taking in games and tailgating with OSU fans in my experience has always been a delight. They are always polite and knowledgeable of the game and of both teams current and past history.

The OSU band is also known to put on great shows at halftime. In fact, check out this video of this last weekend's performance and their brilliant homage to video games including Zelda, Halo, Pokemon, Tetris, and more.

Oh, and look for the running horse at the 6:00 mark. That is impressive.

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