Ice Yachting Is A Real Thing


I didn't even know that ice yachting was a thing until I heard a special on the radio about it a few weeks ago. Then I saw a video of the "Gull Lake Ice Yachting Club" on YouTube; and now I'm obsessed (in theory). I've never actually done it, so I can't speak to how awesome it is; but from what I understand, it breaks down like this:
You balance a big boat on a thin metal rutter, going upwards of forty miles an hour in below zero temperatures across a frozen lake. It also looks super, super, awesome; like steering a slip n'slide boat across a lake. I realize winter is almost up, but any Bro Council readers that are ice yachting fans; I want a BroCouncil field trip for next year.

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Kristin Kipke
Kristin Kipke
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