Atlanta Falcons New Stadium Concepts Are Insane

Atlanta Falcons New Stadium Concepts Are Insane

Have you ever been to Italy and wondered what the Pantheon may have looked like if the NFL was around in Ancient Rome? Well now you know, just check out the concepts for the new Atlanta Falcons stadium.

The new stadium for the Falcons is scheduled to be finished by 2017, and they have released two of the concept designs:

  1. The "Pantheon," an updated retractable-dome style stadium with the "Oculus" at the center - a giant eye that rotates open depending on the weather conditions and the facility's needs. It's designed to look like the sweeping of a Falcons wings.
  2. The "Solarium," a standard two-paneled retractable-roof facility.

Yeah, we're going to vote for #1.

The company that designed MetLife Stadium, the home of the New York Giants and Jets, are designing the new stadium that is expected to cost around $1 billion. Also on the list of ideas? "Impact seats," that vibrate when there's a big hit on the field, a fantasy football lounge, and a 360 degree video board.

One thing that should be mentioned is that the Falcons are picking up $800 million of the tab. $200 million is still a lot for taxpayers to cover, but at least Arthur Blank isn't trying to squeeze every last penny out of Atlanta.

You can view a video of the concepts below thanks to WSB TV in Atlanta, and you can check out the full presentation if you're into reading or architecture.

Full presentation:

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