Tazer Ball - You Gonna Get Shocked


We have all seen YouTube videos or even someone in person hit with a taser and laughed. Shut up and admit that it's funny as hell as long as it's not you, and you know it. (Editor's Note: Pat is writing this. Of course he's seen people tazed before.)

Now these guys have taken extreme sports to a new level of insanity...a giant soccer ball and tasers!!! I need to see this in person, and in fact we need to interview these guys and get Ray a try-out. I would sell a kidney to watch Ray get hit with a taser over and over again.

The game is called "Ultimate Tazer Ball" and each player has a stun gun. Yes, a stun gun. The game combines pieces of hockey, rugby, and soccer and teams of four try to get a 24″ ball in the opponents’ goal. Tackling is allowed but you can't punch anyone. Also, you have to be in a certain area to taze someone and you can't taze them in the groin since that's illegal (thank God!).

Take a look at the video below to check out the action:

[Source - Discovery]

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