Winnipeg Jets Fans Hate Ovechkin


First let me say I'm glad that NHL hockey is back in a hotbed like Winnipeg, and I'd like to extend a hand of friendship to Jet fans. You see, here in hockey east a man simply known as Mario has built a hockey empire from his playing days to years into the future.

We have hated players over the years like Adam Graves for hacking Mario's wrist and breaking it in the playoffs and Ron Hextall for chasing Robbie Brown down the ice after a goal. Hell, Hextall is still a jerk and it's not because he played for our rival Philadelphia Flyers. Today of course, I have a huge problem with a certain arrogant, neanderthal, showboat who can't seem to ever get past the first round of the playoffs. Alexander Ovechkin! Somehow, he still thinks that he's the best player in the league, and he's not even the best Russian player in the league.

Sorry, my hatred for the Capitals "Captain" has taken me off course and into a rant. Here's what I want to touch on today: Recently in Winnipeg, as the Jets hosted the Washington Capitals, the home fans let Ovie know just what they thought of him and just where he ranks in the game today. They started the best chant I've heard in the league in years "Crosby's Better". It's simple, and stinging. Nice work Jet fans! Take a look at a video of the action below.

LETS GO PENS!! And yes, after this, LET'S GO JETS!! Welcome back Winnipeg.

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