The Best Tweets About The Steelers-Broncos Game

Over the weekend, I moved out of a bar and gunshot-ridden party 'hood and into a more respectable neighborhood. However, that left me living like an Amish hobo without access to internet or TV since Thursday, so I missed Sunday's game. I heard it was mostly a lot of Tebowing all over my beloved Steelers, ending in a scene I can only imagine went something like this: Top Gun: Goose Dies

So this morning, most of my non-Pittsburgh classmates were busy making snide comments and joking about how awesome teams like the 49ers are. These are the same teams that they didn't care about 3 days ago who are suddenly more awesome than Nutella. So I took to the Twitterverse to get back in touch with the modern world of sports. Here are the six best tweets about Sunday's Steelers-Bronco's game:

6. : The Adventures of Tim Tim

5. : Wait The Broncos won? Who's Tim Tebow? Is he like famous or something?

4. : Just seen a fan standing on some railroad track screaming

3. : A blow to when a guy in McKeesport yelling at his TV fails to propel the to victory.

2. : Tim is so not getting laid tonight.

1. fsmikey: I just want to listen to Adele songs all day, eat cookies and touch myself #SteelersHangover

PS: Hey @FSMikey - we love your morning show, want to come hang out with Bro Council?

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