Throwback Friday: Leprechaun In Mobile, Alabama

Throwback Friday - Leprechaun In Mobile, Alabama

Did you ever wonder where the image in our "Throwback Friday" logo comes from? Well, if you don't already know then you'll find out in this weeks edition: it's the leprechaun from Mobile, AL.

The Background

In March 2006, residents of Mobile, Alabama started claiming that they had a leprechaun in their neighborhood. The local NBC affiliate, WPMI, sent a team out to investigate. The video really took off due to two things:

  1. The amazing interviews with the local leprechaun hunters.
  2. The best amateur sketch in the history of journalism.

The Follow-up

The video went viral and was featured on the New York Times website, Tosh.0, Key and Peele, and even an episode of South Park. Our favorite part of the follow-up was the remix videos though, and you can check one of them out here, and check out the original Mobile Alabama Leprechaun video below.

Thank you for being a part of our country Alabama. We love you.

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