Throwback Friday: Mr. Microphone


(Editor's Note: Thanks to Pat for writing this article, since he's the only staff member old enough to remember this thing.)

When we talk about audio equipment at Bro Council, we like to hear about the latest and greatest in speakers, the next big thing in storage media, and the quality you get out of a vinyl record. Since it's Throwback Friday, I wanted to buck the trend and talk about a low quality FM transmitter that was released in 1979. Ronco's Mister Microphone.

Mister Microphone was a wireless microphone  that used a low power FM transmitter to tap into any FM radio that was around you. Thanks to the commercial I thought picking up girls would be as easy as saying "hey pretty lady! I'll be back for you later!" I wasted a lot of money on both the microphone, and a convertible.

"Ronco" was also the company behind the home beef jerky maker I always wanted as a kid. They can't all be hits, Ronco.

Check out the commercial in the video below:

Mr. Microphone: Circa 1979

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