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Way back in 2010, we started out with a simple goal to provide a website that has all of the fun lifestyle content you love, while keeping the content positive so you never have to worry about what crazy things lurk in your browsing history. In 2012 we appeared on Shark Tank and began a partnership with Mark Cuban - and the site grew faster than we ever thought it would. Over the years, we expanded to include advice columns, membership, and full scale events like The City 5K, which celebrated the best of a city.

After many years of using our reliable old brand name, we decided to branch out with a new brand - the Stray Monkey. Even though we have a new names, we're still focused on three key areas: providing fun lifestyle information, helping people navigate difficult tech issues, and showcasing the best gear and experiences we can find. 


The home page is where we post news and articles about things that matter to our readers: sports, entertainment, fitness, the outdoors, finances, and more. Our videos include travel essentials, reviews, interviews, web-series, member contributions, and more. You can also become a contributor to the site if you really want to be a part of the team.

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We decided to launch a podcast on our sister site, Research the News, where the focus is having conversations about difficult topics while fostering an environment to create productive dialogue and understand different perspectives. We have guests with viewpoints from all over the belief spectrum, sometimes we research specific news topics, and sometimes we'll use a current news event to launch into a deeper discussion about a broader issue. We hope you enjoy the show!

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