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Way back in 2010, we started out with a simple goal to provide a website that has all of the fun lifestyle content you love while keeping the content positive so you never have to worry about what crazy things lurk in your browsing history. In 2012, we appeared on Shark Tank and began a partnership with Mark Cuban - and the site grew faster than we ever thought it would. Over the years, we expanded to include advice columns, membership, and full-scale events like The City 5K, which celebrated the best of a city.

After years of success with our original name, we've decided to shake things up with a fresh identity: Stray Monkey. This new name marks a new era, but our mission remains unchanged. We're here to spice up your feed with vibrant lifestyle content, take you on unforgettable journeys to the world's most captivating destinations, and offer the inside scoop on the finest gear and experiences out there. Stray Monkey is all about adding a dash of excitement and a sprinkle of adventure to your life as you explore the globe with us.


Dive into our home page for a dose of what you love—whether it's travel, lifestyle gear, fitness, outdoor adventures, or financial savvy, we've got it all. Our videos bring you everything from must-have travel essentials and in-depth reviews to captivating interviews and original web series, all enriched by contributions from our members. And if you're itching to share your own spark of genius, join us as a contributor and become an integral part of the Stray Monkey team!

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We decided to launch a podcast on our sister site, Research the News, where the focus is having conversations about difficult topics while fostering an environment to create productive dialogue and understand different perspectives. We have guests with viewpoints from all over the belief spectrum, sometimes we research specific news topics, and sometimes we'll use a current news event to launch into a deeper discussion about a broader issue. We hope you enjoy the show!

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