Ask A Woman: The 8 Best Ways To Impress A Woman

How To Impress a Woman

What is the best thing you can do as a guy to impress a woman?


emily-aawEmily's Take: If there was a magic answer to this question, it would be – be yourself!

There's no magic formula that I can give you to guarantee that a random woman will be impressed by you. We're all different so while one woman may find your jokes funny, the next will find them annoying. It depends on our moods too; one day I'm in a mood to laugh and the next I'd rather have an intellectual conversation.

Some are impressed by your musical talents, intellect or sense of humor and then you have woman that are most impressed by your bank account balance or the kind of car you drive. The same way that each man looks for different qualities in woman, woman look for different qualities in men.

My best advice is to be you! Have a genuine conversation and get to know who she is while at the same time letting her get to know the real you. It may take a while but once you find a woman that is impressed, she will be impressed by you and not a fake persona you've created to attract women. The problem with a fake persona is that eventually the real you will shine through. A woman that is impressed by the fake you is probably not going to be impressed by the real you. Just be yourself!

If your question was more general and you're wondering what qualities woman find attractive in a man, I've put together a list of 8 qualities that I like in a man and why. I can't speak for everyone, but of the woman I know, this is a good list.

  1. Someone that is easy to talk to – I know everyone says this but when you are talking to someone that is compatible, your conversation is a lot more natural and you are less nervous. Words flow as if you're talking to an old friend. Isn't that what we all want?
  2. Trust - We want to believe what you're saying because if we believe you, we trust you. Exaggerating about something to enhance a story makes you feel shady, especially if we're getting to know each other. Little lies are the worst because I wonder if you're going to lie to me about something pointless, what keeps you from lying to me about the important stuff?
  3. Sense of Humor – We want someone that can laugh at himself, know the boundaries of when it is okay to laugh at me (my weight is never OK), and can keep his jokes funny without being mean.
  4. We want someone that is smart, puts effort into his day job and is ambitious - We want to know that you not only set goals but work to achieve them. A man with a plan!
  5. We want someone that I feel like I can depend on - We need you to answer your phone and read your messages fairly quick because my car may have broken down and I may need a lift! I also need to know if you say that you'll be there or do something that you'll really show up and follow through.
  6. Independent - This might be my biggest pet peeve of all – grown men that let their Moms and Dad's take care of everything for them. You are how old and you proudly told me that your mom still does your laundry? You don't make your own doctor appointments or refill your prescriptions. You don't know how to add your new car to your insurance policy. No Thank You. There's no way that I would date you. I would think that you're lazy and take advantage of other people's kindness; most importantly your parents. Living at home is something I can look past, but not pitching in is another. And this isn't about being a mamma's boy; this is about taking responsibility for yourself. I want someone that takes care of himself and shares in chores. I don't want someone that will expect me to pick up where his mom left off.
  7. Is a good person - We want someone that is not self-centered and thinks about other people and ways to help them. If you really want to impress me - help an old lady load groceries into her cart, hold the door for a person that has their hands full, help a woman take her stroller down a flight of stairs. Be considerate of others.
  8. Listens and remembers the details - I've said this for years; everything important lies in the details. When I first started dating my boyfriend, I came down with the flu and he showed up at my door with grape juice because he remembered a random conversation when I mentioned hating oranges. It was the sweetest thing and showed how much he cared. Details are important!

Good luck Spencer...and be sure to ask your own question to our panel of women here!

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