Research the News - A Podcast

Research the News Podcast

Want to check out a great podcast? Here is one about digging deep into the headlines to get to the real source of the issues. 

Over the past few years most have us have probably become frustrated by the lack of objective news coverage - and this would be a good podcast to check out to combat that feeling. It's a podcast where they look at news from all sides of the political spectrum and try to sort through the fluffy headlines to see what is actual news, and what is just bias. Sometimes it will be solo, and sometimes there will be guests with viewpoints from all over the political spectrum. Some days they'll be researching specific news topics, and sometimes they'll use a current news event to launch into a deeper discussion.

The mission is to have healthy dialogue with people of all backgrounds while promoting open discussions between people of differing viewpoints to research the news and search for truths. Hopefully they can reach this goal and some true dialogue can find it's way back into political discussion.

The Research the News podcast can be found here, and we have embedded the latest episode below.


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Matt Truck
Matt Truck
Matt Truck is our resident expert on the NBA, R&B, and is one half of a dynamic-duo podcasting crew.

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