Ask A Woman: The Best Pickup Lines?

Ask A Woman - What Are The Best Pickup Lines?

If there was something that a guy could "Ask A Woman" to make her want to go on a date without fail, what would that something be?


Emily's Take

Emily's Take: There's no magic question that will work on all ladies. We're all different and have different things that we're interested in. For me, I think it is important that a guy I'm chatting up is interested about me and doesn't make me carry the conversation myself. I think you should ask questions about the woman's job, family, hometown, etc. Find things that you have in common and chat that up. Make her feel like you're interested in her on a deeper level than just her physical appearance and chances are, you'll get the date that you are looking for.

For example: You ask about her family and determine that you both have nieces or nephews – this is a great way to connect because I'm sure you have similar stories of funny things the little rascals have said or done. Finding something you have in common lets her connect with you and will make her more agreeable to a date because she will feel like you're into her personality.

If you both grew up in similar areas, you might find out you have a common friend. You went to the same school... did you both hate statistics with that one professor that barely spoke English? You both think that your retirement could be funded by the Powerball jackpot? Well, why not go over the Chinese restaurant, get dinner and a fortune cookie and then play the lucky numbers for the next jackpot drawing.

I really think the "trick" to getting a date is good conversation and not coming on too strong before you know anything real about her. She wants you to ask her out because you are attracted to her personality and not her body. Start a conversation, find things you have in common and at the end of the conversation propose a date idea that relates to the conversation you just have. You'll have a lot better luck with that than some standard question.

Remember that once you get the date, details matter: if you do the lottery thing make sure you know what time ticket sales stop and that you most likely need to buy tickets with cash.

Rachel's Take

Rachel's Take: I could give you some pointers, but  I can't just publicly post such classified and powerful information. In the wrong hands, this stuff could be deadly. I can, however, refer you to this 14 year old girl. She'll point you in the right direction of some good pickup lines.

Remember - when it comes to surefire dates, it's more about who is doing the asking, and less about the question.

Check out the video below for some more tips, and be sure to ask your own question here.

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