Want To Drive An F1 Car?


An F1 racing experience? If I ever get an expense budget that will net me more than a 12 taco pack from Taco Bell, I assure you that I will do this and film it for the site. This is going right on my bucket list, slightly above watching Ray get kicked in the head by a kangaroo. You would be surprised how high that actually is on the list.

(Editor's Note: Pat had a higher expense budget in the past, but lost those privileges after his trip to Columbia with the Secret Service.)

Formula GP Experience brings race fans as close to a real F1 experience as they can get without being an actual F1 driver. For $1,000 you start out with a fantasy day of karting experience that will prepare you for what comes later. After being fitted with your own race suit and helmet, you crawl in and strap into one of two specially designed and fitted Formula 1 cars with an ear splitting  V-10 engine capable of a top speed of 220 mph. They complete the experience for you with your own podium celebrations and pictures.


Check out the touring schedule for a track near you, and take a look at an in-car video from the experience here:

[Link - FormulaGPExperience.com]

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