Jack Daniels Is Releasing A Clear Whiskey


Attention all whiskey lovers! The great folks in Lynchburg, Tennessee have something new heading your way for 2013. For the first time since prohibition, Jack Daniels is releasing a colorless, unaged, rye whiskey. Sources have said that this white whiskey will have a sweet fruity smell with plenty of bite and a dry crisp finish.

Jeff Arenett is the 7th Master Distiller in Jack Daniels history, and he says that the new whiskey will "give customers a new and unique tasting experience." Well, at $50 per bottle it better be more unique than the backwoods bourbon and small craft distiller versions that are usually half the price.

The whiskey has a mixture of 70 percent rye, which is 19 percent over the legal minimum for a rye whiskey. It rounds out it's flavors with 18 percent corn and 12 percent malted barley.

The color of a whiskey is a product of the aging process, and in most cases you can tell what type of cask was used to age it by color alone. The two most popular types are sherry and bourbon casks, with sherry being the more expensive option.

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