Woman's Perspective: 9 Things Females Say About Dating

9 Things Girls Say About Dating

Several months ago Cosmopolitan ran a list of "10 Things Guys Would Tell Their Female Best Friends." While most of the advice was probably pretty par for the course for Bro Council readers and included advice for ladies about not going to a bar with just your male best friend because people just assume you're a couple, I've yet to find a parallel article written for guys.

For me, the best advice I give male friends is this: no matter how convincing the ads are, no grown man should ever be wearing body spray on a date. Men wear cologne. But, I knew I couldn't be alone in women with wisdom for the Bros, so I set out to ask the nine smartest women I could find what advice they would give their male best friends about asking out and dating the fairer sex. Here you go, gentlemen:

1. Confidence is sexy, but don't overdo it. – Ru, 25, barista

2. A woman wants to date a man, not a boy. Ask her out and take her on a real date. Pick her up, bring flowers and pick up the check. Walk her to the door, and if you want to see her again, tell her so. Don't wait three days to call, and when you do- call; don't text. – Chisa, 32, law student

3. Stop trying so hard to be cool around my friends; they really just want to know the real you. – Brittany, 25, teacher

4. Just because you have a crush on a girl does not mean you should just show up 24/7. Chill out and give the girl some space; she's more likely to be drawn to you if you're not always there. – Sony, 24, law student

5. Don't wear a tie with cigars on it to a formal event. Or ever. – Charlotte, 23, writer

6. If the date goes well, ask her out again. Women appreciate a man who is to the point and doesn't play games. – Rachel, 26, journalist

7. If you're interested in a girl, make her laugh or smile. Be funny, but actually funny, don't just tell dumb jokes. Be cute or silly, make a goofy face and she'll instantly feel more comfortable and interested in you. –Padma, 24, law student

8. Be assertive and take the initiative to actually make decisions; whether it's the decisions to go up and talk to a girl at the bar or where we should go hang out. Being a flake is NOT attractive. – Kara, 25, (Ivy League) graduate student

9. Make sure to be polite to everyone you encounter. There's nothing more unattractive to a girl than a guy who tips poorly or is disrespectful to those around him. – Shelli, 27, law student

Good luck guys, we hope these tips help you.

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