Your Pregnant Wife: Places To Visit With Her In The Summer

Diary Of Your Pregnant Wife: Summer With Your Pregnant Wife

Summer With Your Pregnant Wife

It's summer time! Time for summer blockbusters, trips to the beach, and cook-outs with friends. But how will that change now that the Peanut is on the way? Here are five places you might go this summer with your pregnant wife.

1. The Movies: This summer, when you go check out The Lone Ranger, World War Z, or Man of Steel, be sure to let your wife sit on an exit row. She'll probably need to use the bathroom. Also, if she's far enough along in the pregnancy, sitting still for so long is bad for her circulation! She should get up and take a walk at some point.

For extra fun: Go see a midnight release! If you've never done it before, now's the time! You won't be able to do it for a long time once Peanut arrives.

2. The Mall: Your wife will be needing some summery maternity clothes! Try to stick with materials that are all-natural -like cotton or modal- in styles that are modest enough that she won't have to wear a tank top under them. Also, going "barefoot and pregnant" isn't necessarily the best idea. Her feet are growing and stretching- her favorite pair of flip-flops may do more harm than good! Her shoes should be comfortable but supportive. Sport-sandals, here we come!

For extra fun: What's fun about shopping? Not a whole lot. Except Auntie Anne's pretzels. That's the deal: if she drags you shopping, you get your pick of the food court.

3. The Beach: Yes, she can buy a maternity bathing suit. No, you should not laugh at her when she puts it on. That will result in an unhappy wife and, consequently, an unhappy trip to the beach. Also, help her put on tons of sunscreen! Too much sun exposure also causes some not-so-pretty skin discoloration during pregnancy. And water, water, water. Invest in a good water bottle or take stock in Dasani. It is imperative that your wife stays hydrated this summer.

For extra fun: Surprise her with an impromptu get-away! Spontaneity is another thing that will become more rare once baby arrives. Just be sure not to travel too close to the due date.

4. A Cook-out: Cook-outs are all about food, but your wife is eating for two so she has to be twice as careful! Steer her away from anything with mayonnaise in it, because you don't know how long it's been sitting out. Be careful with deli meats and under-cooked hotdogs, too. They're fine for you to eat, but they may carry bacteria that could be deadly to the baby. Again, keep her water glass full and sunscreen on.

For extra fun: Skip the hosting duties this year (unless hosting is your favorite thing to do). What's more fun than going to a party and not having to clean up? People will totally understand.

5. Home: Break out the air conditioner a few weeks early- your wife is much more heat-sensitive than she once was. In the same vein, be prepared for a lot of grilling (so you don't heat up the kitchen), ice cream (yes!), and evenings with her feet up. Elevating your wife's feet helps relieve or prevent swollen feet and ankles. Foot rubs help too!

For extra fun: Take a break from all the baby prep and read a book series or watch a TV series together. Schedule a few quiet evenings for just the two of you. She'll thank you for it.

Good luck!

By Laura Lee Anderson, a mom-to-be.

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