Submitted For Approval: Male Drive

Male Drive Pills

So an interesting thing came to the Bro Council offices today for our approval: Male Drive. It's a men's supplement made with zinc, copper, pine bark, horny goat weed, and something called "long jack" among other things. I don't know why I got it because it's marked as "For Married Men Only, because it's too dangerous in the wild" and I'm a single guy. But I can tell you this, it has the perfect marketing behind it for a "men's supplement." Let's take a look at the packaging and break it down:

Four Key Points For Marketing A Men's Supplement

  1. Have it on sale. Men love deals. Most men are smart enough to realize that the regular price will always be $9.95, but it still helps if we think it's a good deal.
  2. A sword sells. Or a cannon, mace (the medieval club, not the spray), or full set of knights armor. We like to feel like old school, hardcore dudes. A sword screams "hey, I'll help your prostate and punch you in the face. Just because I can."
  3. Buzz words always make a splash. Here we have prostate, energy, longevity, performance, and testosterone. But all you have to do is look in a thesaurus for words related to strength and you're good. For example, our new slogan for Bro Council is: "Bro Council, do you want to grow a backbone? Well get your brawn on, because we're using brute force to earn you some major clout...oh and you'll have extra firmness too." All of the bolded words? Straight from a thesaurus. Done.
  4. Nothing sums up men's supplements like a catchphrase like the one here. Too dangerous in the wild? There's a large segment of the single male demographic that will believe that 100%.

So am I going to try this? Yes I am. Wish me luck...this is dangerous stuff.

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