German Man Tries To Cannonball A Frozen Pool



I was having one of those "good bourbon before lunch" days, until I received this reader submission from "jay". This video will forever stay on my phone.

This young German decided to cannonball into a frozen pool only to realize how thick the ice really was. Just watch for yourself, sit back, and laugh at the funniest video you will see today.

It would be great to know what was said, but I don't speak German; mostly because my bootleg Rosetta Stone hasn't arrived yet. Using the magic of Google Translate we do know that the video info from YouTube translates from "Ihr wolltet es Ihr kriegt es, der einzig wahre" to "You asked for it you get, the only true". Either Google Translate needs some tweaking, or this guy had a severe concussion.

Check it out below and decide for yourself.

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