Guest Post By Todd From "Roommates"

Guest Post By Todd From "Roommates"

Editor's Note: In honor of the season premiere of the second season of Bro Council's Roommates, we asked Todd from the series to write a post about the top ten reasons why you should watch it. Here's Todd!

Hi, this is Todd Hartwig, big fat famous star of Roommates at Except I'm not big or fat. I'm hot. Anyway, Ray said that I had to blog about why people should watch Roommates, but I'm going to totally turn the tables on that noob and blog about the top ten reasons I'm hot.


10. Look at me. Now tell me I'm not hot. You can't. Because I'm on this side of the computer and you're on that side. So since you can't tell me I'm not hot, I'm obviously hot. Logic THAT.

9. Look at the picture above. I look like the shark. He's hot. Therefore I'm hot, too. It's like we're twins

8. I'm a substitute teacher. What's hotter than that? Answer: NOTHING. Correct!

7. I have my own website: The interwebz don't lie.

6. I tried to be a hipster, but I was too hot. The other hipsters said so, and in order to say that, they had to admit that they're hipsters.

5. Ray's mom made out with me. She only makes out with hot guys. She told me so herself. Between all the making out.

4. My face is on fire. Hot. Literally.


Look closer. What's in the fireplace? That's right. It's our OLD roommate. He's about to be hot, too.

3. Rooney Mara didn't say no when I asked her to take me to the Oscars. In fact, she didn't say anything. She was obviously dumbstruck by my hotness.

2. I have 39 friends on Facebook. Top that.

1. Me. I am number one.

So watch Roommates here! It'll only take a few minutes! And you'll get to see allllllll this.


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