Man Makes It To Jail Parking Lot, Arrested Again

donald gartner mug shot arrest twiceGood news from Florida, this man is off the streets. Twice.

The Miami Herald reported that the man in the two mugshots, Donald Gartner, was drunkenly arrested for criminal mischief. He was banging on a door in his neighborhood and broke a street lamp in his drunken state. Police said he admitted to drinking six beers and taking six Oxycodone pills with that.

Then the fun began. Gartner was released from jail and was waiting in the parking lot for a ride home.

Allegedly, while waiting for his ride he tried to break into two cars and was arrested. Again.

He's now in jail on $10,000 bond, and we get to see those great snaps of him in there. Twice

Source: Miami Herald

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