Pat's Thursday Madness: Genius Cops, Stolen Porches, and More

Pat's Thursday Madness: Genius Cops, Stolen Porches, and More

Looking for some articles to kill some time this Thursday? Read up on these. It's the most interesting stuff I could find on the inter-webs throughout the week.

(Editor's Note: We apologize in advance, we usually have to censor Pat.
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Here's another reason that cities need to be more selective when hiring somebody with a degree from Barney Fifes school of law enforcement.

[Link - Genius Cops Caught Apparently Planting Evidence By Own Dash Camera]

What a bunch of novices - those moonshine-swilling yokels in steal porches, people here in Western PA steal bridges.

[Link - Wooden Deck Stolen From Back Of Clarksville House]

I should never write angry since I get censored:

Sounds like somebody should have bought Rosetta Stone before **** (Editor's Note: And there's the censor.)

[Link - Man Accused Of Attacking Deputies Who Don't Speak Spanish]

Only one censor, nice job Pat!

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