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(Editor's Note: Kristin attached a note with this article that said "I promise my next article will be more positive.")

So, even though Monday was Kiss a Ginger Day, it was still a pretty awful day. Someone managed to wrangle my Mastercard number to open a Time Warner account in the Midwest in my name. I also got the fun news that my Volvo is going to be 'muy expensivo' to repair and my roommate found out that the check she had tried to mail to me a few weeks ago was intercepted and someone signed for it and cashed it. Needless to say, I was sort of expecting yesterday to be the day I find out that both How I Met Your Mother and peanut butter were going to be discontinued, and maybe I’d also get hit by falling airplane poo; when I saw that a Twitter trending topic was #ThingsThatGetMeUpset.

Yes, there is a whole list of stupid crap that people complain about on the Internet. So, I decided to share with you my own list and share the five dumbest complaints I found on Twitter yesterday:

My List:

@KristinDeanne: #ThingsThatGetMeUpset: When people steal my identity.
@KristinDeanne: #ThingsThatGetMeUpset: When people use my stolen identity to open accounts at mediocre cable stations in rural Ohio.
@KristinDeanne: #ThingsThatGetMeUpset: When strangers steal my roommate’s money and violate 18 U.S.C. §1702: Obstruction of Correspondence in violation of federal law.
@KristinDeanne: #ThingsThatGetMeUpset: When I crash my sedan into a pole and my insurance won’t cover it. Flo lied.

And, here’s a TwitList of five of the dumbest things that upset people on Twitter this week (names changed to protect their identity):

  1. @cantspellfatt: Fatt people who think drinking diet coke is goin make them skinny
  2. @recessionman: Rising sneaker prices
  3. @poserhater: Dude that wear Ralph Lauren POLO BOOTS and act like they are TIMBERLAND BOOTS
  4. @twitterstalker: Not getting a tweet from someone famous
  5. @pat11d: When people tell me “You’ll never meet Justin Bieber.”
(Editor's Note: Yes, that's our very own Pat in that last tweet. Although he didn't actually send it, it completely sounds like something he would say.)
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