Want To Hire An Evil Clown?


I first heard a story about this evil clown you can hire out for kids birthdays while driving last week. I am fairly sure it's still illegal in the US, because the general gist is a creepy middle-aged man dressed as a clown stalks your child for a week before their birthday. They call and text your children in the middle of the night, deliver letters to them, and do everything short of actually showing up at their school. (I would imagine because those who sign up to be the Evil Birthday Clown are not legally allowed to be within 50 yards of most schools.) The idea is supposed to be that if the kid can make it seven days without freaking out and can outsmart the clown, they get to keep the birthday cake.

I'm not sure what kid would want a week-old birthday cake that's been in a clown's sweaty hands for seven days, but if there was some way to pull this prank off for an adult, it could be the greatest birthday gift ever.

Related suggestion, Bro Council fans: Ray's birthday is August 30th, so start booking your evil clowns now.

[Link - The Evil Kids Birthday Clown]

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