A "SAW" Themed Cruise?


Yes, the SAW movies did get a little weird at the end, but what horror series didn't? Plus, let's be honest, they were pretty weird to begin with. There's one thing you can't deny though: Jigsaw is now a horror icon just like Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhies. And now you can go on a cruise with your icon if you're into that sort of thing: Twisted Pictures, Carnival Cruise Lines, and Rabin Management have teamed up to put on a SAW cruise.

The Carnival Glory will host "the ultimate Saw fan experience". The boat will host several people from the movie, including Mark Hoffman. Or at least the actor that portrays him, Costas Mandylor. So what do you get for your money? 22 lounges and bars, you can go to the gym, shop, eat at restaurants, and more! Alright, that sounds lame already. What about the SAW stuff? You can attend Saw screenings, be a part of Saw trivia contests,  and compete in a Saw tattoo contest.

Really? That's it? I thought there was going to be some death traps you had to get out of. Instead, you're stuck playing shuffleboard with an actor who's only claim to fame is playing a psycho in a couple of horror movies.

Oh well, it sounded cool at first. If you're still interested in showing off that sweet SAW tattoo you got on a whim check out the links below.

[Details (Warning: PDF Link) - PDF Info Page]

[Registration - SAW At Sea]

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