The Expendables 2 - The Plot Isn't Important


Are you ready for the next big Academy Award contender? Then look no further than The Expendables 2. How can it not be in contention with dialogue like this:

  • "I now pronounce you, man and knife."
  • "I'm back." (Said by Arnold Schwarzenegger)
  • "What's the plan? Track em', find em', kill em'."

Pure gold. And the cast? Stallone, Statham, Li, Lundgren, Norris, Crews, Van Damme, Hemsworth, Couture, Willis, and Schwarzenegger. How could pump that full of any more testosterone? The answer is you can't.

Now, excuse me while I go kill a mountain lion with my bare hands and turn the fur into an American flag that I'll wear as a proud banner of my patriotism. After watching this trailer, my beard grew an extra six inches and I'm ready to take on all comers.

The release date is August 17, 2012. Get ready.

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