MC Gangnam Hammer Style (A Mashup)

MC Gangnam Hammer Style

Over the past few months I'm sure you have heard of the Korean musical "sensation" Psy. If you haven't heard of him, you probably missed the YouTube bandwagon too. I don't listen to that type of music but even I have heard of the guy and have seen dozens of fan-versions of his video Gangnam Style which has over 700 million hits on YouTube.

Check out Psy's performance from the American Music Awards and his special guest, who after all these years is still TOO LEGIT TO QUIT! Psy even breaks out the MC Hammer pants, although I'm not sure if he did it for the performance or he just wears those things around all the time. Koreans have an interesting style sometimes....

Kia Soul

Make sure your pay attention to the old white guys trying to pretend they have moves around the 4:15 mark of the video:

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