A Real Jurassic Park


Eccentric millionaires have been providing us with entrainment and gossip (here's looking at you Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne) for years. Today is no different.

Meet billionaire Clive Palmer, who first attracted our attention by announcing that he was building a replica of the Titanic to sail from England to the USA by 2016. Now, old Clivey is... wait for it...

Making his own Jurassic Park. Yup, he is allegedly paying scientists to work on cloning dinosaur DNA and opening a park in Coolum, Australia with a real, live, dino. Currently, this is all just speculation from his "inner circle", but he is planning a press conference soon, so hopefully this pans out. In theory, it sounds amazing and I would love to see it. However, I am reminded how it worked out in the 3 Jurassic Park movies and think I'll keep my distance because, let's be honest, nothing good is coming from this.

Oh, and in a result that stunned nobody, the cloned dinosaur handily won a poll about which idea for his new resort would work the best.


[Source and Poll - SunshineCoastDaily.com]

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