Comic Book Rookie: December 2013 Review

Comic Book Rookie: December 2013 Review

Welcome back to another month of Comic Book Rookie month in review, comic book fans. We're back with our final installment of 2013, so let's dig right in!

While December may have been a slow month, it did bring us a couple of treats as well as news that should make 2014 amazing. Image has made it known they want to be #1 in the comic world, and with The Walking Dead, Lazarus, and Velvet already entrenched as reader favorites they promised that their big news at Image Fest (coming in the second week of January 2014) will blow us way. We also have Marvel following DC and relaunching some of their bigger titles, as well as George Romero and his zombie-fest Empire of the Dead. Also, look for the new Deadpool mini-series Night of the Living Deadpool which drops in January and features Deadpool waking up from a food coma and being dropped in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. Coming this spring, we will also see a new Winter Soldier playing off of the Captain America: The Winter Soldier movie due out around the same time.

Enough of the future though, let's look at the present:

Comic Book Review: Robotech and Voltron

For the first look of December, we have two titles crossing over into each others worlds, and two that we never saw coming together. Robotech/Voltron dropped this month, and yes, that's the same Voltron that was the focus of the best toys ever made in the 80's. Issue one lays the groundwork for the series, with the discovery of the Voltron lions having crash landed on earth. While they have kept the characters we all knew and loved (and the ones we hated), the artwork gives the feeling of being updated with a fresh re-imagining of the characters. This is one to keep an eye on.

Comic Book Review: Wolverine Origin II

Marvel wasn't sitting on it's heels this December, as they brought us Origin II, a continuation of the Wolverine mythos. This is a mini-series Wolverine fans will definitely enjoy. The book itself was a short, but interesting, take on the early years of the wolf-man as he lives in the North Woods with a pack of wolves like they were his only family. This is a must add to any fans pull-list. And if you're a fan of the man in yellow, you should look for Origins I in a trade paperback or digital copy to catch up.

Comic Book Review: Harley Quinn

Finally we have Harley Quinn. DC fans were excited to hear that one of our favorite evil females was getting her own title, and while the 0 issue was a cool way to pay tribute to all of the writers and artists who have worked on the character over the years, such as the great Paul Dini, I'm still not sold on this title yet. Harley has plenty of potential, but instead of the wise-cracking and overly violent criminal we know and love, so far we have only seen the opening tribute in issue 0 and the introduction of new characters in the December issue. If DC is hoping this can be their answer to Deadpool, they best keep looking and give us a new monthly version of Lobo.

Thanks for reading, and we'll see you next month! In the meantime, feel free to check out our past issues here.

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