Walking Dead Season 2 Has An Awesome Case


Walking Dead Season 3 is coming upon us soon. What better way to celebrate than by picking up the Season 2 Blu-Ray and re-watching it? Oh yeah...there is a better way. You can pick up the deluxe edition and watch it with your very own zombie head.

Anchor Bay Home Entertainment is releasing Season 2 on August 28, and they went all out. The limited edition zombie head cases were designed by McFarlane Toys, the toy makers of choice for all serious comic book fans.

Season 2 picks up right after the first seasons finale, and find Rick Grimes - the valiant former police officer - leading a group of survivors through the zombie apocalypse. If you haven't seen the series, start now. It's awesome.

Anchor Bay two version of the Blu-Ray set available: a regular four-disc set and the limited edition version. But if you hurry, the limited edition set is on-sale and only $15 more. Is it worth it for the zombie head? Yes.

The Blu-Ray set will have the following features:

  • All thirteen Season Two episodes in the original 1.78:1 broadcast aspect ratio
  • 7.1 Dolby TrueHD audio tracks
  • Behind-the-scenes footage and making-of featurettes
  • Audio commentaries on selected episodes

The Walking Dead: The Complete Second Season will be released on August 28th. Check out the trailer below, and go! Order the Blu Ray Set Here.

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