Bowser Beer: The Brew For Dogs


Bro Council loves dogs, and in fact a couple of the writers spoil our dogs to no end. Organic foods, fish oils, indoor dog parks, play dates, and now there's something new: doggy brew.

Don't worry, we wouldn't give or recommend real beer for dogs since the hops are toxic to them. That's why a small company is now making a near-beer for your sober pooch. Bowser Beer is made of beef or chicken broth with barley, and extras like glucosamine for their joints. So if you are looking for something to give Fido while you battle the heat on the back deck with an ice cold beer and he's staring at you, give him a Bowser

$19.99 will get you a six-pack, and for an extra $10 you can customize your own label and picture of your pooch.

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