Footage Of A Man Skydiving Without A Parachute


What is going on in your head when you wake up one day and think "let me jump out of a plane/helicopter with a wing suit and no parachute"? I have seen this stunt before, but they were using a winged jet pack that resembled a GI Joe toy I had growing up. But Gary Connery did not even have so much as a parachute. This is bonkers to say the least. Bonkers I tell you! Check out the story and video below:

A stuntman has made aviation history by becoming the first skydiver in the world to land without the use of a parachute.

Gary Connery, 42, from Oxfordshire, leapt from a helicopter a mile above Henley then glided down using a specially adapted wing suit before landing on a "runway" of 18,000 cardboard boxes.

"It was so comfortable, so soft. My calculations obviously worked out and I'm glad they did," he told Sky News afterwards.

His wife Vivian said she was "relieved its all over".

To prepare for the jump he underwent weeks of intensive training in Switzerland and Italy, leaping from mountains and cliffs to perfect his wing suit glide angle.

As part of the preparations, Mr. Connery studied the flight of kite birds and how they use their tail to control their flight direction.

"Kites steer by twisting their tail one way or another and I'll be doing the same," he explained before the jump.

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