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In case you missed it, last week a man in Jessamine County, Kentucky was arrested for a DUI. This isn't exactly news; I'm sure people in Kentucky get DUI's all the time. Except Danny Reynolds got his DUI for riding a horse. Yes, his blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit when he dismounted his "vehicle" to eat some crackers because he was light-headed from his diabetes (he claims) not from the "couple" beers he drank while trail riding with friends. He was also found with several beers and a jar of moonshine in his saddlebags, which made me double-check this story's dateline to make sure he was indeed arrested last week, and not in 1926.

In the interest of keeping our Bro Council readers arrest-record free, here is a list of other weird things you can get be arrested for (courtesy of

  1. In Alabama, you can be arrested for bear wrestling. (Look out, Brick Tamblin.)
  2. In Bro Council's home state of Pennsylvania, you can be arrested for discharging a cannon at a wedding celebration.
  3. It is illegal to swear in public in West Virginia.
  4. In the great state of Idaho, you can be arrested for excessive merry-go-rounding on Sundays.
  5. In Massachusetts, you can be arrested for having a gorilla in the backseat of your car. No word on whether its legal to chauffeur a gorilla if he's riding shotgun.
  6. In Little Rock, Arkansas, you can be sentenced to a 30-day jail term for flirting outside.
  7. You can be arrested for whale hunting in Utah. Related question; are there whales in Utah?
  8. You can be arrested for gambling at airports in Maine.

Stay safe, readers!

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