Taco Bell Sends A Speedo To A Customer

Taco Bell Speedo

Do you swim? Are you in need of a Speedo? Then give Taco Bell a call, they're sending them out free.

The discussion you see above happened on Taco Bell's Official Facebook Page and in typical (awesome) Taco Bell marketing style, they decided to send out a Speedo to the guy who asked. The suit will cost them $50 max to produce, and they went viral with the post: well done, marketing team.

If you're not aware, Taco Bell's tagline is "Think Outside The Bun" which makes this either much better, or slightly creepy since the kid is in high school. It all depends on your perspective right?

The Director of Community Relations for Township High School District 211 where the swimmer attends is Tom Petersen. When asked about the Speedo, he clarified that athletes cannot receive gifts worth more than $75, and during competitions they are not allowed to wear swimwear other than what the school provides them. Practice is a different story though, and the new Taco Bell Speedo is perfectly acceptable for practice.

"We have a board policy that prohibits advertising, but if this young man chose to wear this swimwear for practice, it would be no different than any other clothing that contains a business or corporate brand on it," Petersen said.

This is another in the long line of inexpensive promotions that might be considered "strange" that have been home runs for Yum! Brands, the owners of Taco Bell. A recent Facebook joke for Yum! Canada came true when the company developed, tested, and mailed, Pizza Hut Perfume to 100 of their social media followers.

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