Technical College Student Copies Wedding Crashers - Gets Jail Time


We all love pranks, and that includes consequences sometimes - but jail time? That's not actually the most shocking part of this article though. The most shocking part is that Fox Valley Technical College actually has dorms!

From their website it shows that FVTC (that's the abbreviation for the school, just like WVU, or NYU, or USC - they're that big) provides College education for high-demand careers. 200+ associate degree, technical diploma, and certificate seminars & customized training for business. Really? They have dorms? Thank you Wisconsin for changing my perception of technical colleges everywhere. Did any of our readers live on a technical college campus? If so, what was fraternity life like there?

(Editor's Note: Yes, she was arrested in Winnebago County - awesome.)

Link: Visine Causes the Brown Rain

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