The Taco Cannon Is True Tortilla Mayhem

Taco Cannon

One of the entertaining parts of attending sporting events are the t-shirts and hot dog tossing guns that reward game goers with free swag. A mascot or cheering group come out with Co2 powered guns to rocket these freebies into the stands. There hasn't been much innovation in the field until recently, but the entertainment-arms race is now on.

Earlier this year the Philadelphia 76ers unleashed "Big Bertha" which will shoot over a hundred t-shirts in less than a minute. There's no word on if they turn it sideways before they fire it, but we bet the serial numbers have been filed off.

Well, the fine people of Texas must have heard about this, and it's clear that Texans do not want to be out down by anyone when it comes to guns. Welcome in the folks from the Fun Fun Fun Fest, an Austin music festival who unleashed the world first taco cannon. It works on the same technology as the similar weapons, but this monster of tortilla mayhem is a three man crew - one to fire the Gatling-style weapon and two to reload the empty chambers.

We would have loved to have been apart of the R&D that went into finding the best ways to wrap and fire tacos 200 ft so that they are still edible but it wasn't meant to be. Maybe next time, Fun Fun Fun Fest. We're going to add this to the must see Bro Council travel list. Well done Texas, well done.

Check out a video below:

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