Two Year Old Is In MENSA (The Smart People Group)


I first came across this story and took it down to Ray's office here at Bro Council's World Headquarters. When I sat down and explained what was going on, Ray was ecstatic. Then I explained to him that child labor was not legal. He was sad, disappointed, and even a little angry. He eventually got over it and now we bring you Anthony Popa Urria, the 2 year-old from Calgary, Alberta, Canada - the youngest ever member of MENSA.

Anthony has an IQ of 154 which is just shy of the estimated IQs of Einstein and Stephen Hawkings. The youngster can read full sentences, which is more than I can say for the staff here some days. He is putting together 70+ piece puzzles, and I admit that he has got me beat there.

By the time he was 6 months old he was identifying letters of the alphabet, and sounding them out by 10 months. His geography skills are better then 90% of adults. He can pinpoint and identify the capital of Madagascar, while I still have people tell me that Canada is not another country.  Oh yeah, and he can speak 3 languages.

Check out the source link below for more information on the kid I like to call "Ray Jr." Since Ray is the smartest person I know.

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(Editor's Note: Pat didn't write the last line, but that's why he shouldn't make fun of me...I have final say in the articles.)

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