Arena Football Team Releases Everyone At Olive Garden


So if you hadn't heard, and based on the tv ratings I assume you hadn't, the NFL and the directors of all the major college football conferences aren't the only football bullies.

Recently the Arena Football League started another season...I know, I missed the memo too. The players union was upset at the negotiations over the players per-game salaries of $400 dollars a game and wanted an increase of another $850 dollars per player.

Fast forward to last week, when the management/owner of the Pittsburgh Power got wind of a planned strike by the players and he cut the entire team at their pre-game dinner at the Olive Garden. Yes, you read that correctly - during "all you can eat soup and salad" the Power cut the entire team and left them in Orlando.  

So, the Pittsburgh-Orlando game last week was played by scabs and a couple of players who left the union and crossed the picket line. They even had a pre-game draft where one of the players switched teams. I'm glad tickets are cheap, of course you could save your $10 and watch that kind of pick-up football at your local park on Thansgiving

Quick someone get a screenplay written! Keanu Reeves has been out of work, and has been waiting for just this kind of occasion to bring back Shane Falco and lead The Replacements 2: Over the Indoor Wall. What? They made Major League 2....and sadly Major League 3.

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