How Not To Handle Marital Issues: By Deion Sanders


So we all have one (or more) friends on Facebook that love to air all of their dirty laundry about their personal lives. Celebrities are notorious for showing what kind of drama they bring to the table as well, especially on Twitter. As an example, here are the recent tweets from Deion Sanders. If you don't know Deion, he is an NFL analyst and former All-Pro cornerback for the Atlanta Falcons, San Francisco 49ers, and Dallas Cowboys. If you don't know about his marital issues you can look below, since he tweeted about how he was "jumped" by his wife and her friend in his living room. He even posted pictures of him and his boys filing police reports.


I guess even in retirement Neon Deion still can't hit anybody.

In all seriousness, spousal abuse isn't funny in any form and this has to be a tough situation for Deion and especially his boys. The problem comes when people mistake Facebook and Twitter for their psychologist. Keep your status' and tweets about mundane things like what you've had for lunch, and save the marital problems for a counselor.

On the bright side, this made me remember that Deion was also an all-pro rapper. Check it out:

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