Kane Returns With A Mask To The WWE

Ok, so we don't put a lot of wrestling news up on Bro Council, but I'll admit...I watch it. For those of you who say it's fake, well yeah, it kind of is. Just like the movies, tv shows, and plays that have entertained us for years are pre-planned so is wrestling. And yes, some of the stuff can be over the top, but come on...the WWE is fun to watch. Plus, it's toned down a little over the years so you can watch it with your kids again and not worry about them trying to make their smaller friends get DDT'd on a concrete floor.

Last night they had the annual "Slammy Awards" on the USA Network. The big finish for the night had Kane returning from a several month leave of absence. Now Kane is a great wrestler, and has been since 2007...but he lost his mask in 2002. Since then, something hasn't been quite right about his character. Last night the mask came back. So despite the fact that we know he's not covering up a charred, disfigured, and horrible face like was originally implied in his 1997 debut, his return to covering up said face is awesome. There's just something about a seven foot monser with a mask that's intimidating and awesome. Let's take a look at Kane through the years....

kane through the years

Yeah, wrestling may be planned...but that look is hardcore. Now if Bro Council can just schedule a Freddy Krueger vs. Kane fight, that would be a money-maker for sure.

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