Little Kid Gets Run Over By Huge Pee Wee RB

Kid Gets Crushed

With Pee Wee, high school, and college football coming to an end this season I thought I'd bring you at least one more highlight. In general, some of the best football highlights are fat guys getting touchdowns and big hits. Well, here we have a fat guy running the ball and certainly we have a big hit.

A little history: many years ago I was one of the smallest players on our varsity high school team as a sophomore, and I learned very quickly that when a fullback outweighs you by 100 lbs that you never run up from the secondary and meet him head on in the hole. That will get you killed. You just let the linebackers do it, or you hit him low. I learned the hard way and ended up out cold and taken away to the hospital.

Now we have this video of a Pee Wee football kid doing the same thing. We have nothing but respect for you! It doesn't take a lot of skill to run over people when you are literally twice their size, but for the little guy to hit like he did shows the heart of a champion.

Nice effort, now let's hope he is ok and learned a lesson. Go for the knees!

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